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25 February 2012 @ 10:47 pm
omg soooo much has happened! i got engaged, i had a baby! i love my baby. her name is Faith Jolie and she is going to turn a year old on the 27th! i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! ahhhahaha. but as for my fiance not that much. i love him i do. its just his mom. idk. btw im kinda buzzed/drunk right now. just thought i should put that in there somewhere.
im just unhappy with him at the moment. oh btw its the shige look-a-like that i had mentioned in previous entries that i am engaged to. i love him i do. just not the way i guess i should. idk its complicatied. i will write more later. kinda tired.

who is still following me on this???
i will post tomorrow.
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14 June 2008 @ 10:34 pm
so i guess i should update more often huh?

i just dont find my life that interesting to write about really... or is it that i just dont like writing... DX i is sorry!

i will try tho! honest i will!!!

... but not right now will i write... maybe later... :)
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15 May 2008 @ 07:21 pm

NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

okay i'm done.....
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06 March 2008 @ 07:11 pm

so how is everyone doing? good yes?
well i feel like superduper happyness cuz of yesternight and friday and well this weekend was pretty good too...! XD
friday at work it was a really slow day but that was awsomeness cuz i was working with mark...and you all know that i like him and cuz it was slow he hung around my reg. for the whole day!  (> w <) and he was all flirty with me! GAAAHHHH he's too cute! then after work he drove me home and was like i'm going to take you home with me!! lol  well yeah so work was fun...then yesternight he called which kinda shocked me cuz he hasnt called me in like forever but so he called to tell me that he likes me!!!!!!!!!!! X_X  i already knew he did he just never told me before!!  so yeah he likes me and i like him.... ... yay...

but anywho....my mom is visiting and she is just as excited as i am but for a different reason! she has know this guy for like 3 to 4 months and he wants to marry her so she superduper happy...only that now she has to get a devorce from her first husband that she hasnt seen in like more then TEN years!!!!! crazyness!!! i told her that she should have done that a long timeago...but yeah shes all happy...and i am happy for her too! she needs someone to help her stay away from the stuff she shouldnt be doing! 

but yeah i wants to hang out with peoples....so if anyone would like to enjoy my company i am open to do anything on saturday!!!!  (^ w ^) v

well TTFN (tah tah for now)

dangit i forgot my paid account thingy expires on sunday... darn
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21 February 2008 @ 06:42 pm
so the other day i was at the bookstore and i realized that i am a really boring person! 
i was just listening to misty and amy talk about many things and i was a little jealous...i want that...
it makes me sad that i don't really have any friends that i can actually talk to...you know, about anything and everything! *sigh*  :(  yeah i don't know... 
i just had to write it somewhere i don't have my other journal with me...

but any who today is my sisters birthday!! she is now 16!!! its crazy!
and my younger sisters friend is spending the night and she is just insaneness!
but very funny! 

GOSH i can't wait to go to work tomorrow! Okay well not really...but i get to see mark so thats a plus! whoot! i haven't seen him in what seems like forever! X3

Oh i got a new flat iron and i was testing it out to see if it worked good and i ended up burning myself! DX it still hurts! my poor pinky!!!

yup...thats pretty much it...okies well Ja ne for now!! > , <
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